A content management platformBig in the nameQuick and responsiveYou get what you needClose to customersStartup at heart


everis BigContent is a content management platform on the cloud based on the following ideas

  • “Big in the name”: storage of large amounts of data (order of magnitude of TB)
  • “Easy to integrate”: focus on easy integration for applications through usable REST APIs.
  • “Quick and responsive”: focus on high performance and scalability
  • “You get what you need”: focus on key enterprise ECM requirements. We know that secure storage, metadata, authentication & authorization are important, but complex data models, custom BPM solutions and complex deployments do not help business.
  • “Close to customers”: we encourage suggestions and features requests, just ask and we will see if it is feasible.
  • “Startup at heart”: working inside everis but as an independent team we cherish new practices and are passionate about our product.

Dynamic metadata model

everis BigContent provide a flexible metadata model closer to a tagging system than to classical classes and types models found in ECM solutions like IBM’s FileNet or OpenText’s Documentum.

Instead of requiring the definition of a rigid and hierarchical model before everything else, we offer an open dynamic model based on “Categories”.

Just start adding documents from day one. Metadata can be added or modified later with ease.

When a new business need arises, just update the information on-the-go.


Need to organize or secure content separately? That easy to get by creating different repositories called “Document stores”.

Each Document Store provides a separated space with custom security, metadata and storage back-ends.

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